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How We Work

We care for the ones you love

Live vida (spanish word for life) tension free.
Vidamate wants that you share your investments, insurances and other financial products information with your spouse, dependent parents and close friends/relatives. What is the use of such investments, if they do not help your loved ones, when they need them the most? We also provides hassle-less services to redeem your matured policies & investments.

Step 1: Join us & complete your Profile

New User create account with Vidamate using personal Email ID and Mobile Number.

Corporate User account created by Vidamate using corporate Email ID and Mobile Number.

Step 2: Add Your Investments

User invests for profits, appreciation, security & savings.

Vidamate offers to secure that information for you & your family members. Be it:

Health/Medi-claim policy
Term/Life Policy
Bank Accounts
Credit Card
Vehicle Insurance
Travel Insurance
Investment Policy (Unit Linked)
SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)
Child Policy
Pension Fund
Property Invested
Credit to Friend/Relative
Mutual Fund
Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Post Office Schemes/Investment
Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Vidamate recommends that you keep investment information up to date with us.

Step 3: Add Your Informee

Q. Who is Informee?
Informee will be the first contact person, in case if you do not reply to us.
Q. How to choose informee?
1 - First informee should be the person who stays/remains close with you. They will be the person whom you would like to contact instantly for any help. Example - Spouse, Parents, or Independent Childrens.
2 - Second informee should be the second contact person with whom you meet/talk, may or may not be in the same city. Example - Cousins, close friends
3. Third Informee should be the relatives or friends staying in different city. Example - Relatives, friends in a different city
Example - Atul is married with Anjali and has lovely 2 daughters - Nishu and Aadya. He lives in Mumbai and his parents stay in Dhanbad.
Atul 1st informee - Anjali (his wife)
Atul 2nd informee - Mr.R.K.Sharma (Atul's father lives in Dhanbad)
Atul 3rd infomee - Mrs. Renu Bhardwaj (Atul's Masi lives in Pune)
Q. Is informee a nominee?
May or may not be. Vidamate keeps informee information whom Vidamate will contact in case of any mishappening or eventuality. Informee has no right or lien on any investment, if he/she is not a nominee for that investments.

Who's your Informee

Vidamate Recommendation

Spouse, Parents, Independent Child

Parents, Cousin, Close Relative or Friend.

Distant Relative or Friend.

Step 4: Set your Alarm settings

Vidamate will send you AVAILABILITY email and SMS reminder as per your choice of alarm setting - 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, after your last login date.

Example: Shalini has set her alarm setting by 3 months. She visited Vidamate website on Jan 1, 2013 and then she revisited the website on Feb 15, 2013. Vidamate will send availability mail to her registered email and registered mobile number on April 15, 2013.
User has to either reply to our AVAILABILITY email or SMS or may be call our customer care number and authenticate himself/herself, within next 5 days. If user responds, alarm get re-setted automatically.
If user does not reply, we will resend availability email and SMS. User has to either reply to our availability email or SMS or may be call our customer care number and authenticate himself/herself, within next 3 days.
If user does not reply, we will send FINAL availability email and SMS, to which user has to reply in 1 day.
No reply, Vidamate will contact user's first informee to check user's availability.
If Vidamate is unable to contact first informee, Vidamate will contact 2nd informee, and thus 3rd informee.

Add On Services*

Start availing Vidamate services –
1. Call us for your matured policies & investments
2. Call us for help on your insurance policies/ corporate policies
3. Call us for your provident funds
4. Call us for your IT refunds

*For any reimbursement for add on services, Vidamate charges nominal charges + ST.

Call us on +91 88008 72008


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