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My father has LIC policy which matured in 2010. Agent who did the policy 20 yrs back has expired. My address got changed, so not sure if LIC had sent any reminders or not. I have the policy bond, but i do not know whom to contact and where. VidaMate helped me by charging just a nominal service fee.

- Amit Aggarwal, Samsung, Korea

For past 5 years, everytime i make any investement, i store this information on Google Drive. I think Vidamate is better option. They keep only minimum information which helps me and will help my family to retrive my investments.

- Bhawna Goyal, British Council, Noida

When someone told me about Vidamate, I thought why should I share my investments with any website. But later i realized that they are not asking for anything but just minimum information and that too to secure my family and my dependents. Great work VidaMate !!

- Basavraj Naregal, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bangalore

I never knew that one of my credit card has accident cover of 10L. At that time i realized that i never needed 'extra riders' in my personal insurance policies. I discontinued premium for riders and saved money. Thanks to Vidamate.

- Rahul Mittal, Open Access Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

A colleague of mine needed liver transplant. Medical Cost was 25 Lakh. His Company Group insurance was meager 3 Lakh, his own personal medical policy has 5 Lakh coverage and his personal savings were 2 Lakh. He was still short of 15 lakh rupee. He dropped an email to appeal all his colleagues for help. He was not aware of that his company is covered under ESIC which provide medical benefits and minimum wages. Vidamate provided me clarity on this and same I passed it to my colleague and other team members.

- Sandeep Jalan, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bangalore

I had multiple term policies, bank accounts, credit cards and more. Since I am the sole earner for my family, I sometimes, felt insecure whenever i happen to hear some mishappenings with others. My wife tries to ignore whenever i tries to share my investment & insurances with her. And my parents, certainly, do not know anything about my investments. With Vidamate around, I know that my investments will benefit my loved ones and not the fund houses & the corporates.

- Sonu Jindal, Businessman, Gurgaon

Mr.Rohit Sharma took a life cover for Rs.50 lakh. He moved to the US, where he passed away. His wife, Megha Sharma, relocated to India after his death. Many months later, when she went through the transactions in his pass book, she noticed that there were pay-outs towards insurance premium. The policy documents were missing. But somehow she managed to get the claim.

But not everyone is as LUCKY though.

# Had Mr.Rohit Sharma shared all of his savings & investments information with his family, including his wife, Megha Sharma does not have to wait for months for the money secured by Mr.Sharma for them.

# Had Megha Sharma missed seeing her spouse’s pass book, do you think Insurance company would have bothered to come and give pay-out on their own?

Life is full of surprises – Good & Bad !!

* What if anything bad happens and I end up losing my consciousness or met with major accident or lost my life?

* Does my family knows whom to contact for health policy or term policy taken by me or by my employer?

* Do they know all my bank account, credit card details?

* Will my family get all that I saved & invested for them?

Does these thoughts worries you sometimes?

Free your mind. Enjoy your life. Save your information with FREE of cost !!

Vidamate assures you of 2 things - 
1. Saved information can be used by you or your informee* whenever needed.  
2. In case of any mis-happening, we will reach your informee* in sharp 15 days* of your unavailability*

The fact is thousands of crores of investors' wealth, growing every year, is lying unclaimed with insurance companies, mutual funds, corporate houses, banks and the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation.

Below image shows insurance companies with the largest unclaimed funds. Do you want your investments to be part of this unclaimed account? If not, join Vidamate.

LIC had, for instance, in response to an application filed under the Right to Information Act, stated that as many as 1,80,031 policies were lying unclaimed with the Corporation even after the maturity period.

Reason :

1. Mishappening with the investor & nominee never knows about the investment

2. Investor forgets to reclaim due to change in process or due to change in the city or any other reason.

3. Investor/Policy-holder lack of knowledge. For example, every car insurance, credit cards hold personal accident insurance and as per study only 2% of policyholder's nominee claim this benefit.

It's a problem that afflicts almost every investor. Every household will have a dormant bank account or a long-forgotten insurance policy or expired dividend cheques.

How Vidamate helps?

Vidamate makes sure that your informee (preferably your nominee) is made aware of your investment done for them. Based on your selection of alert type, we will call them and inform them about your investment.

Vidamate also cares for YOU. As an investor, if you need guidance or help relating to your policies or unclaimed premiums, our representative will be there for you, just a call away.

Let's make your & your loved one's life easy.

What Vidamate need from you?

1. Get your profile created.

2. Share your investment detail & keep updating them on regular intervals.

3. Set your alert (03/06/12 months).

4. Reply to Vidamate's email/mobile alerts.


Vidamate is designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal information by ensuring below safety measures:

SSL secured transmission of data
Password encryption
Multi-level authentication
Cautious & Courtesy calls to your verified informee by trained professionals (in case of any emergency)

Moreover, Vidamate need minimum information for your investment that alone can not be manipulated to access your financial products.
See Privacy Policy page for detailed information.


We are here to benefit you and your informee only.